The Connection between Crime Fiction and Fact

There’s nothing as good as reading a racy crime thriller, one that will make your adrenaline soar high as you turn the pages to discover who the perpetrator is and how the good guy brings him/her to book. But some people prefer to watch crime dramas and movies on television and the big screen, and the likes of CSI and Bones keep them entertained not only because of the way the characters are portrayed but also because they weave a compelling whodunit. In fact, some crimes are so exquisitely scripted that we are sometimes forced to wonder if the writers are taking liberties with the fact that they are creating fiction – we question the reality of such crimes taking place.

But the fact is that reality is more often than not stranger than fiction – while fiction has to stay true to fact, fact has no such rules to conform to. It can keep getting stranger and stranger, and if the perpetrator is able to pull it off, we wonder at the audacity and weirdness of the crime instead of questioning its authenticity.

There are also instances of fact mimicking fiction – we’ve heard of criminals stealing ideas from little-known and famous crime novels to see if they can make it work. Their MO is similar to the one used by the villain in the book or television series, and if they’re clever enough to know how to erase their tracks, they get away with the crime.

One very significant difference between factual and fictional crime is the way in which it is solved – fictional crimes are almost always solved, unless the writer wants to leave the storyline open for a sequel or for other reasons. In fact, the clues that are found are such that basic and complicated deductions can be made so that a combination of clever reasoning and sheer luck leads the good guys to the bad guys who are nabbed with or without a fight.

But when it comes to solving crime in real life, there are more unsolved cases than those that have been closed because the criminal has been found and brought to book. While some cases remain open for indeterminate periods of time and become cold, others are closed because the wrong person is caught and penalized while the real criminal gets away scot free.

Also, it is much harder to solve a crime in real life because clues are not really forthcoming and forensics investigations take a longer time than shown on television or read in books. While this may not seem like a really big deal, those in law enforcement often have a hard time explaining to victims of crime and their families why they’re not able to solve the case with a snap of their fingers “as seen on TV”.

It has been this way for many years and will continue to be this way as long as crime exists – fact will imitate fiction even as fiction finds its inspiration from fact.

Top 40 Blogs for Survivalists

The Internet has given survivalists a chance to interact and share tips on a self-sustainable lifestyle. Whether you’re stockpiling canned food for a natural disaster or going all the way and attempting to live off the grid, these blogs will give you tips on self-defense, skinning animals, navigating a route and coming out alive after a long duration of time away from standard civilizations.

Top Survivalist Blogs

These blogs show you how to become a survivalist and also discuss ideas on how to handle questions or inquiries from family or loved ones who see the survivalist lifestyle as extreme. Get the skinny on planting your own vegetables and preparing for cold weather.

  1. The Suvivalist Tribe At this messageboard you’ll find tips on keeping in shape during the winter months and whether stockpiling guns is true to survivalist form.
  2. Trails – How to Be a Survivalist This how-to guide explains just how tough it is to become a survivalist and also talks about safety precautions to take when training. It also hits on keeping your body strength up and mental preparation.
  3. Armchair Survivalist This site is ideal for those who aren’t quite devoted to the survivalist lifestyle, but enjoy talks about it can sit in the comfort of their home and listen to podcasts over prepping to go into survivalist mode.
  4. The New Survivalist This survivalist blog is one of the best on the web because it walks you through predicaments that could actually happen such as natural disasters with little to no government aid. It also points out times in history when survivalists made it through extreme circumstances.
  5. The Survival Podcast This site has gear reviews for those looking to invest in items to see them through tough times and psychologically preparing yourself for being on your own during a dyer situation.
  6. Australian Survivalist According to this site, most Australians most fear a climate disaster which causes them to prep for a survivalist lifestyle. The site also touches on the different real threats to the planet such as economic collapse and health crisis brought on by airborne epidemics.
  7. The Survivalist Forum This blog primarily covers government conspiracies and the causes of economic disaster that the U.S. government is currently dealing with. It also talks about other superpower nations with nuclear weapons.
  8. Survival Blog This blog is an amazing read for those who are living a survivalist lifestyle or if you’re simply interested in learning more on the subject. It talks about the real threat of nuclear weapons and also has advice for handling medical emergencies when 911 isn’t an option.
  9. The Survivalist Blog This blogger believes that prepping a little at a time is best for the realistic survivalist. Instead of accumulating everything you need for a natural disaster at one time, it’s about working your way to the essentials and knowing what to do with the items you have on hand.
  10. Survival Spot From plucking and skinning a bird to making your own wine when in the wilderness, this blog has an endless amount of tips for the survivalist who wants to do it all on their own.
  11. Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest This survivalist blogger will teach you how to do everything on your own. Learn how to improve your sewing skills and make your own bullets with the help of this survivalist website.
  12. Urban Survivalists Just because you’re a city slicker doesn’t mean you can’t prep yourself for a crisis. This site shows you how to get ready in a realistic manner, even when working with limited space for stockpiling food or ammo. It touches more on self-sustainable tactics than radical survivalist skills.
  13. Textfiles – Survival At this site you’ll find essays penned by survivalists from around the globe. It talks about the more extreme end of survivalism including building a bunker and how to hunt in the wild.
  14. Solo Survivalist If you’re alone and want to build your survivalist skills, this site shows you self-reliance skills that everyone should know in a crisis. It also shows examples when survalists could have excelled like Hurricane Katrina.
  15. TEOTWAWKI This survivalist blog is one of the best fore newbies who may not understand some of the survivalist lingo and need to learn the 101 of surviving.

Self-Sustainable Blogs

Most survivalists look to be self-sustainable in everything they need to survive. This means knowing how to plant and care for a garden and canning food so it stays good through the winter. Learn more about the self-sustainable lifestyle at these top blogs.

  1. Grow Our OwnThis blog no longer updates, but the posts that exist walk you through planting and growing a garden in almost any climate. It is a must-read for those who are new to growing vegetables, since the tactics for different foods will vary.
  2. A Self-Sufficient Life Learn how to stretch a dollar and create a compost system that will help your garden grow strong. This is a great blog for those who already know the basic of gardening and want to know the essentials of what they need to be self-sufficient.
  3. Solar Family Farm This is the blog of a family farm that runs on solar power. This family grows everything on their own and even has a cow that gives them fresh cheese they make themselves. It’s an inspiring look at a self-reliant lifestyle.
  4. The Sustainable Living Project This site talks about living a sustainable lifestyle by purchasing items from small companies where the money is re-invested and stays within a network of conscious consumers. This is a great site to help you make baby steps to being self-sustainable.
  5. Tiny Farm Blog This is the story of a small farm that does organic micro-farming on a limited scale. It has tips for growing small crops of food and gives a reference list of what you need to get started.
  6. Wasted Food This blog examines why we waste so much food in American and techniques you can implement to stretch the existing food you have. When forced with a survivalist situation, it’s important your family knows that throwing out food is not an option.
  7. Painchaud Painchaud Learn how to take your seeds the distance and what to do with veggies after they’ve grown so they last you the longest length of time possible.
  8. Country Farm Lifestyles – Self-Reliance At this blog, expert farmers break down the self-reliant lifestyle and what you need before moving off the grid. It is a lifestyle that takes work and know-how and can’t be sought overnight.
  9. Veg Plotting This blog will give you tips on getting started with your own vegetable garden. It also offers recipes that can be whipped up with your fresh veggies for meals that will make your family forget about fast food for good.
  10. Hillbilly Heaven Herbs The blogger lives off the Earth and writes about recipes and growing tips for the newbie survivalist. There are also fabulous crocheting tips and also talks about self-sustainable remodeling that can be done to the average home.
  11. Self-Sufficient Living Blog This self-reliant blog focuses on all of the essentials like canning fruit and protecting yourself against power outages and food shortages. For those who want to experiment with gardening but don’t have a yard, there’s also a section over indoor gardening.
  12. Kendall Tiny Farm Blog This site is brilliant for those who already know what they’re doing in the garden, but have no clue how to put such an abundant amount of veggies to use. From innovative salads to delicious soups, this blogger shows you how to mix and match flavors for decadent meals from your own soil.
  13. My Tiny Plot This site shows you simple gardening tips and fun DIY projects for kids that won’t break the bank. You may wonder how this matches up with a survivalist lifestyle, but it shows that re-using items can be just as fun as buying new things and still keep the kids entertained.
  14. Self-Sufficient Farm Living This self-sufficient blog has tips on what type of fence to build to keep your produce on your own turf and herbs you should grow that will aid you in natural healing.
  15. Self Sufficientish If you’re slowing working your way to growing a garden and purchasing local food, this is your site. It doesn’t get preachy, but it does provide facts that will make you want to make wise purchases when choosing items for your home.

Survivalist and Self-Sustainable Forums

One of the best ways to find out the survivalist and self-sustainable tactics that will work for you is to chat with others who’ve made the transition to this lifestyle It’s a tough transition, but working on it a little at a time will prepare you for natural disasters and any other crisis we meet in the next few years.

  1. Survivalist Boards This site is for those who are already living the survivalist lifestyle. For those who are just exploring it, know the messageboard discusses doomsday topics at length, so read it with an open mind.
  2. Sufficient Self Forum Here, members share tips on living frugally, tending to their own gardens and how to implement new means of energy into their homes such as solar and wind power.
  3. The Environment Site – Self-Sufficiency This site has discussions going on over self-sustainable communities and how to build your own home from the ground up.
  4. When SHTF This messageboard bills itself as the guide for the modern day survivalist. It touches on transportation and gardening and also has stories of those who’ve camped for long durations of time on their own.
  5. The Self-Sufficient Gardener Forums This forum is aimed at those who garden and live off their own land. Members share gardening product reviews and their favorite tools, so the new gardener can get an idea of what’s worth investing in.
  6. The Dollar Stretch – Self-Sufficient Living From getting stranded on the road to prepping for winter power outages, this messageboard discusses various self-sufficient tactics and explores living off the grid.
  7. Canadian Survivalist Forum This messageboard has threads over 2012 and the New World Order, but also has more relatable topics like other means of energy for the home.
  8. Survivalism Forum This site focuses heavily on ammo discussion and what types of guns to stockpile in the event of a crisis. Members also talks about books and DVDs on the subject.
  9. Prepared Society This site has a more realistic approach to the survivalist lifestyle than some of the doomsday boards. It talks about living through a natural disaster and the essentials your family should always have on hand in case of a hurricane or power outage.
  10. Wilderness Survival Forums This discussion forum has tips on gardening, caring for livestock, fishing and deciphering berries when you’re out in the woods alone.

Survivalists can be folks who are ready when a hurricane hits or those with a doomsday mentality and expect the world to implode at the end of 2012. Regardless of what end of the spectrum you fall, these top survivalist and self-reliant blogs will help you prepare for the level of crisis you think you’ll encounter in your lifetime.