Bravery from the Home Front: Top 50 Blogs for Army Wives (or Spouses)

With a war still going on, more and more are answering the call to fight for their country. There are literally thousands of troops stationed all over overseas, and being a military spouse can be very difficult. However, with the invention of the internet, it is now easier than ever to not only send letters, pictures and videos, it is easier than ever to meet those who have been where you are going.

If you have a husband or wife who is in the army, there is no need to feel all alone. Below, we have gathered the top 50 blogs for army wives and/or spouses. They are authored by wives, spouses, those serving overseas and even those who made it back home and have loads of help for how to adjust back to civilian life.

Top News Blogs for Army Wives (or Spouses)

Get the latest news on the army and U.S. military by checking out these blogs.

  1. Stars and Stripes This site is often a leading choice for military families. There are tons of blogs to choose from including Stripes Central and Rumor Doctor. There are also entries on military life and other specialty items for army members. They even have an option to send photos and messages online.
  2. Army Newsroom Visit here for headlines for army members from the U.S. Army. Choose from stories from many cities including London, Berlin, Baghdad, and many others. There are also videos of army life and many other resources.
  3. Military Get a special section on news concerning just the military at Fox News. They include the latest headlines, videos, and news in other areas. You can also watch many shows and clips online.
  4. Danger Room This site has the latest in national security headlines from the experts at Wired in this blog. New developments, technologies, and related areas are all covered. A recent entry was on the Air Force’s “All Seeing Eye.”
  5. USPACOM Click here for the newest stories from the United States Pacific Command. With several a day, they cover everything from government developments to individual stories. Items in the region are the topic of most posts.
  6. Get a look at today in the military with the help of this site. Topics include early brief, technology, opinions, and much more. Most popular posts include Iran shooting down spy planes, and an Obama rant.
  7. Michael Yon He is a former Green Beret and native of Florida who has been reporting from Iraq and Afghanistan since December 2004. Bringing first-hand accounts from the front lines, Michael’s blog is often the choice of many army wives and spouses. Stop by to read, watch videos, or just view the amazing images he has captures himself.
  8. The Long War Journal This blog is dedicated to providing original and accurate reporting and analysis of the Long War (also known as the Global War on Terror). It is accomplished through its programs of embedded reporters, news, maps, podcasts, and other multimedia formats. You can also check out the Threat Matrix and other subsections in the blog.

Top Group Blogs for Army Wives (or Spouses)

Two or more bloggers collaborate to write these army blogs.

  1. Army Live Stop here for the official blog of the U.S. Army. There is even a special section for army families. The latest posts are on social media and milestones.
  2. OPFOR Get “fair specimens of citizen soldiers” on this blog. Everyone from the Marines to the Navy is represented here. Bloggers share everything from thoughts on army life to how to support the troops.

  3. Army Strong Stories This is a program provided by U.S. Army Accessions Command. It is dedicated to sharing the meaning of Army Strong through a dedicated blog, videos, and written story submissions from soldiers, family members, friends, and supporters. Visit to read the latest, or share your own army story.
  4. A Soldier’s Perspective Four different bloggers share their story here including a soldier, army daughter and wife, Marine, and Patriot Guard. Check out the popular blog to get stories and thoughts.
  5. Mudville Gazette This is the online voice of an American warrior and his wife who stands by him. They prefer to see peaceful change render force of arms unnecessary. Until that day, they stand fast with those who struggle for freedom, strike for reason, and pray for a better tomorrow.
  6. The Sandbox Stop here for a forum for service members currently deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. It is also for returning vets, spouses, and caregivers. Get posts on the everyday, the wonderful, the messed up, and everything in between on this blog.
  7. Faces of the Fallen Finally, in a category of their own are the stories of those who were killed in combat. “The Washington Post” regularly updates the blog to include the information on the fallen. Hometown, age, unit, and more are shared.

Top Blogs for Army Wives (or Spouses) by a Wife

If your husband is in the army, you have loads in common with these bloggers.

  1. Army Wives’ Lives They feature personal stories, information about resources, advice and tips, and opportunities for community discussion. Candace is the editor in chief here and began her journey as a military wife on September 11. Sections on the blog include military life, spouses, care packages, and much more.
  2. This Military Mama Her husband was a veteran, and they are currently trying to adjust to civilian life. With both a father and uncle who served in the military, she has loads to say on the matter. She also has information on giveaways and reviews.

  3. Army Blogger Wife From Colorado, she has survived four year long deployments. With one to Bosnia and three to Iraq, she has been married for 15 years and has three children. Get entries on coping, daily life, and more on the blog.
  4. Ask June Not only is this a great blog for army spouses, it can also help your financial future. Jane is a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve with 19 years of service and a certified financial planner. In her blog, she takes on tackling debt, saving for retirement, and much more.
  5. Army Wife Toddler Mom Get a little of all four with a visit to this blog. AWTM likes to write about being a working mother, recipes, and the occasional attempt at humor. Daily life is also often written about.
  6. My Army Wife Life Brittany admits she is a rarity in army wives. She is a “lifelong lefty liberal” from Seattle. After marrying her army husband, she became in even more opinionated. Get thoughts on army, life, love, knitting, and wine as well.
  7. Welcome to the Blog of an Army Wife Sara married her grade school sweetheart. Now a sergeant in the U.S. Army, he was deployed last year and she chronicles their adventures. Although “new to this army stuff,” she has loads of tips.
  8. Hellcat Betty She is an army wife who first created this blog to vent about her husband’s last deployment. Now that he is home, she writes on a myriad of other things. Giveaways and savings are also reason to visit.
  9. Julie the Army Wife She is a thirty-something army wife and photographer. After living in Germany for four years, they have moved back to the U.S. with two deployments and five years of army experiences. She is also a standout for bringing savings ideas to her blog.
  10. The Unlikely Wife Adventures The UW is a newlywed of a military spouse. Her blog contains a special section on the basics. She also tells her story from the beginning to the present.
  11. Wounded Times Editor and publisher Chaplain Kathie reminds her readers that they are not alone. Her blog specializes in dealing with wounded veterans. PTSD is also focused on.

Top Blogs for Army Wives (or Spouses) by a Husband

Get more on the male perspective on the army in these blogs.

  1. Blackfive He started this blog after hearing about the valorous sacrifice of a friend. Now a former paratrooper and army officer, he and others write tons of true stories on the blog Visit to read them all, or check out their YouTube channel.
  2. Doc in the Box Sean Dustman is from California and is a Corpsman stationed at NAS Lemoore. He has been to Iraq four times and shares his experiences on the blog. His goal is to fix anything animate, inanimate, or spiritual.
  3. The Captain’s Journal Herschel Smith, who hails from Charlotte, N.C., has a son who is a United States Marine. Herschel has also earned the combat action ribbon in support of Operation Alljah in Fallujah. Check out his blog for a dissemination of views based on a solidly conservative world view discussing both political and military issues.
  4. Keeping an Eye on Afghanistan Bouhammer got his nickname from hunting loads of caribou in Alaska. He married his wife in 1991 after receiving new orders. What started out as a way to write about military issues has now become a way to document his 16 month tour for family and friends.
  5. Life, Love, & Truth Jeff Courter is a sergeant in the Illinois Army National Guard and gives perspectives on what matters most. He is also an author, teacher, and father. Visit his blog to get entries on everything from celebrating life to spirituality.
  6. From my Position… on the Way! Chuck is an army officer deployed to Iraq with 15 years’ experience. He is also married with two children. He often blogs on army items in the news, along with thoughts.

  7. Army Dad Unlike the above, this blogger is the stay at home spouse while his wife is in the army. Tim has four kids and writes all about them in the blog. How he is sticking to his New Year’s resolutions was recently discussed.
  8. The Army Dad He is a soldier and father to two children. Top three posts are on supporting soldiers; Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell; and being a parent. He has just returned home from Iraq and writes all about it.
  9. Walter Reed Army Medical Center Stop here for the blog of Colonel Norvell V. Coots, who is the Commander of the Walter Reed Health Care System. Updates on the system are featured. Check out the main site with more.

Top Blogs for Army Wives (or Spouses) by a Veteran

As with all things, army life doesn’t last forever so get a glimpse of life after being discharged in these blogs.

  1. The Stupid Shall be Punished Joel Kennedy is a married, 47 year old retired submarine officer with three kids continuing to make the transition to civilian life. He is also an esophageal cancer survivor. The blog title is in reference to his “mocking and belittling general foolishness wherever it may be found.”
  2. WW1: Experiences of an English Soldier William Lamin was born in the year 1887 in Awsworth Notts. He served in the British military from 1916 to 1920. Get the true story of a long time veteran in this amazing blog. Letters he has written are shared and the first post is a must read.
  3. Argghhh! The Home of Two of Jonah’s Military Guys Retired military members and travelers author this blog. Loads of vet related topics such as desertion and PTSD are taken on. Political thoughts are also abundant.
  4. IAVA Visit here for the blog of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. They are dedicated to the veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and their civilian supporters. Read success stories, missions, or even get information on jobs and internships.
  5. You Served This blog is brought to you by the VA Mortgage Center. Along with the podcast, they highlight the stories of soldiers who have served honorably and their families. Soldiers of the Week are not to be missed.

  6. Ask the GI Bill Expert Ron Kness and Jeffery Anderson both served in the military. They now author this blog on why and how to apply for the GI Bill. You can also get resources on military friendly colleges and other education benefits.
  7. Basic Training Blog Sergeant Michael Volkin is a U.S. Army veteran and one of America’s most successful military authors focusing on basic training. He served in Operation Enduring/Iraqi Freedom as a Chemical Operations Specialist and received an Army Commendation Medal. Learn more about what your spouse is going through by checking out his blog.
  8. This Ain’t Hell These three bloggers all served in the military. They all have Combat Infantry Badges and are now teaming up to fight another kind of evil. Read all about it with a visit.
  9. Transitioning Veteran Get Steve’s thoughts on veteran benefits and life after the military on his blog. A four year veteran himself, he has gone on to earn a degree and reach out to other vets. He recently looked back on his career and shares more.

Top Support Blogs for Army Wives (or Spouses)

Get connected to loads of other military families with a stop at these blogs.

  1. Spouse Buzz Click here for a virtual destination where spouses click, connect, and share their experiences. The blog features a variety of perspectives and contributors from every branch of the Armed Forces, including Guard and Reserves. Choices include everything from tips on what to do in deployment to discharge tips.
  2. Army One Source This is the official support page from the U.S. Army. Options include volunteer tools, services locator, housing, and much more. There are also many tools for army spouses, including an employment partnership.
  3. Military Members and Veterans Blog This blog was designed as a way to support the troops, recognize veterans, and give them and their families information on help. It discusses issues regarding benefits and ways to support our troops and veterans. You can also get links to other helpful sites.
  4. Band of Mothers Because army wives also have children, click here. They are a group of mothers of military members. Stop by to get updates and more.
  5. The AW2 Blog Click here for the official blog of the U.S. Army Wounded Warrior Program. Not only is it authored by many patients, but they also offer the option to write a guest post. Resources for vets are often blogged on.
  6. Army Wives This retired military couple knows just how puzzling the life can be. They pack their site with loads of tips, news, care packages, and a support forum. They also have a regularly updated newsfeed.

If the above top 50 blogs for army wives and spouses aren’t enough for you, there is so much more. The AAUSS is a site where anyone can visit to adopt a U.S. Soldier. You can also click here for a guide on how to mail a care package to a soldier.