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22 Homeland Security Jobs You May Not Know About

If interested in a career in homeland security, getting a degree is just the first part of the battle. With many organizations and departments that fall under the DHS, it is difficult to know who is hiring who, when, for how long, and how much. With the technology for hiring being just as new as the DHS itself, it can be easy to think all their jobs are the same.

However, this is not the case as the size and scope of the department of homeland security encompasses more than the guy who screens bags at the airport. To prove it, we have researched 22 homeland security jobs you may not know about and even in departments you may have never heard of.

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Top 20 Fascinating Homeland Security Careers

When someone thinks of homeland security careers, they often think of the guy that used to move the threat level to various degrees of the color wheel. However, the reality is much different and diverse than that. With so many divisions in the Department of Homeland Security, there are many career paths available to applicants from high school students to those who have completed graduate school.

With literally thousands of choices available, it can be surprising to see just who and what the DHS and related agencies are looking for. To prove it, we have included the top 20 fascinating homeland security careers listed mostly by current average salary. They range from everything from the subject of films to canine handlers with a serious task to perform. Continue reading →